East Birmingham

Barber's Tea

Location: 231 Station Road, Stechford


Description: One of only two surviving Barber's Tea advertisements found in Birmingham on the side wall of a former cafe.  


Sign: Painted on white the shadowed effect of the lettering makes them appear in 3D reads BARBERS TEA with the caption Always Please underneath. 


Background: The original sign carried the name of the business on the top green section but is illegible today. Trade directories list various refreshment rooms and cafes at the premises.in the early half of the twentieth-century. 




Location: 487 Bordesley Green, Bordesley. 


Description: Partial fragment of a sign that once advertised the sale of petrol of the premises. 


Sign: Painted on a white background on the side wall of a residential dwelling only part of the word PETROL is visible, red lettering.  


Background: Main garage at 489 trades today as Bordesley Tyre Services 

Wills Golden Flake

Location: 9 Muntz Street, Small Heath


Description: Tobacco advertisement for Wills's Gold Flake cigarettes.  


Sign: Painted with a white background the brand GOLD FLAKE is painted in black set between the company name top WILLS's and bottom CIGARETTES painted in white with black outline to lettering.


Background: Gold Flake cigarettes were made by W.D. & H. O. Wills Bristol tobacco and snuff manufacturers popular during Britain's war years. One of three extant Wills's tobacco signs found in Birmingham.