Jewellery Quarter

Bernard C. Lowe & Co Ltd

Location: 73-77 Spencer Street, Hockley


Description: Advertisement on the former works of Bernard C. Lowe & Co Ltd precious stone dealers.   


Sign:  Rectangle advertisement re-painted circa 2008 in the style of the original sign with black lettering on a cream background reads BERNARD C. LOWE & CO LTD. 


Background: The company's  dates its origins to 1853 trading under various different names through the centuries. The partnership of Lowe Son & Price are listed in trade directories at Northampton Street circa 1950 and are later listed around 1966 at Spencer Street. In 2012 the building was damaged in a fire and has remained vacant with most of the roof missing. The building isn't listed but falls with the Jewellery Quarter conservation area.  

Beverley Hall Ltd

Location: 14-16 Regent Parade, Hockley 


Description: Advertisement for Beverley Hall Ltd electro-plate manufacturers established around 1913. One of three re-painted ghost signs found on the building. 


Signs: Re-painted as an exact copy of the original sign black lettering reads BEVERLY HALL Ltd painted on a white background over the door arch.


 Background: Beverley Hall LTD works extended across numbers 16 -17 which was later designated a Grade II listed building. Re-developed around 2012 when it was converted into residential dwellings with some commercial space. The signs were re-painted as part of these works.  Read more here

D. F Tayler & Co LTD

Location:  Newhall Place 16-17 Newhall Hill, Jewellery Quarter.


Description: Two signs in the recess of the main entrance to Newhall Place advertise the former business of D. F. Tayler & Co Ltd who were pin manufactures. 


Signs: Both signs contain identical black lettering painted the top layers denote that the building was  the WIRE DEPARTMENT D F TAYLER & CO LTD then it  provides a long list of products manufactured by the company. 


Background: D.F. Tayler & Co Ltd was a firm acquired by Peter Edlestien and John Williams who around 1847 moved it from Stroud to Birmingham. They opened there large pin manufacturer Newhall Works around 1866 and 1886 extended their works opening Newhall Place where the wire and printing departments were located. The signs were only discovered on the Grade II listed  Newhall Place around 2016.


Geo. Cadby & Sons

Location: 38 Albion Street, Hockley 


Description: Faded advertisement which is only partially legible for Geo. Cadby & Sons who were metal polishers listed at the premises circa 1890.  


Sign: Painted on a white background the faded black lettering reads; GEO.CADBY & SONS NICKEL PLATERS EST 1834. 


Background: Cadby's were from Harborne it was a family run business with several generations involved and premises in Harborne. The company had large works on Barr Street which until recently had a stone carved sign above its entrance with the company logo.  

Hall & Co Ltd

Location: 2-3 Great Hampton Street, Hockley. 


Description: Faded advertisement which once covered the entire facade of Number 3 most likely for Hall & Co Ltd electroplate manufactures. 


Sign: The sign is difficult to decipher at the top, third floor above the windows the faded letters read HALL & CO LTD below the second floor widows the word MANUFACTURERS is legible with SPECIALTY CASED GOODS  painted underneath. The other lettering is too illegible to make sense of. 


Background: The Grade II Listed buildings were thought to have been built circa 1840-50 originally as two tall town houses. Later adaptations to the buildings led to the ground level  used as separate commercial units and to the left of Chris's Cafe a brown door leads to the upper floors where access connects across both premises (2-3), includes attic rooms and rear workshops.  Read more here.

Isherwood Sutcliffe

Location: 26 Great Hampton Street


Description: Advertisement for Isherwood Sutcliffe who was a japanner trading at 27 Great Hampton Street Circa 1847. 


Sign: The faint black lettering on this sign is only just visible reads;  I. SUTCLIFFE Maker of VARNISHES PAINT COLOURS WHOLESALE & RETAIL TUPENTINE TAR PARAFFIN. 


Background: Isherwood died in 1871 and is buried in Warstone Cemetery  his family carried on the business in his name until the early twentieth century. Its difficult to be sure when the sign was painted but, Isherwood described himself as both Japanner and varnish maker so it may have been painted before his death in 1871. 

Jones & Palmer

Location: 105-106 Albion Street, Hockley


Description: Sign advertising the services provided by former occupants Jones & Palmer printers and stationers painted circa 1920 before the company became incorporated in 1929.   


Sign: Well persevered sign painted on a mustard background with black lettering and a green cast reads; JONES AND PALMER PRINTERS STATIONERS BOOKBINDERS JEWELLERS WORK A SPECIALITY SEALING WAXPAPERS & STRING ETC ETC.


Background: Jones & Palmer was founded circa 1906 by Phillip Jones and Percy Palmer original works on Camden Street. The company moved to Albion Street circa 1921 and operated there until they moved to there current premises on Carver Street in 1961.

Pickering & Mayell LTD

Location: 42 Caroline Street, Hockley


Description: Three advertisements for Pickering & Mayell LTD former Reliance Works, jewellery case manufactures   


Sign: All three signs carry the name of the business Pickering & Mayell Ltd painted on cream background with black lettering with a greed shadow. 


Background: Grade II listed buildings originally a pair of dwelling houses with workshops converted by Pickering Mayell into their expansive works with second building to the rear where it returns on to Kenyon Street. 

R.M. Pugh & Co Ltd

Location: 35 Hylton Street, Hockley


Description:  Colour advertisement for R.M Pugh & Co who were jewellery case and display makers listed in trade directories at the premises from circa 1933. 


Sign: Rectangle sign across the facade of the building painted on a white background the colourful lettering reads R. M PUGH & Co with the words WINDOW DISPLAYS JEWELLERY PADS CARDS ETC. two blue painted lines.


Background: Grade II listed building located within the Jewellery quarter conservation area.  The company became incorporated in 1979 this helps to date the sign as it appears to pre-date the change of name as the abbreviations LTD don't appear. 

Taylor & Challen LD

Location: Derwent Foundry, 60-62 Constitutional Hill, Hockley


Description: Advertisement for Taylor & Challen Ltd manufacturers of  dyes and presses. Company founded by James Taylor around 1852 on Broad Street. 


Sign: Painted at the rear of the premises  white lettering reads TAYLOR & CHALLEN LD SHOP A.B. BUILT {1861 RE-BUILT 1909}.  


Background: Grade II listed building former premises of Fenners & Bettridge, japanners. James Taylor moved there around 1861 expanding the business  to dominate the local area with the company's large manufacturing works. 

Taylor & Challen Ltd

Location: Derwent Works 32-42 Constitution Hill, Hockley.


Description: Partial faded advertisement on the parapet of the large monumental works built for Taylor & Challen Ltd manufactures of presses & dies.


Sign: Painted in white only the words PRESSES and DYES ET is visible today. 


Background: Grade II listed Derwent Works was part of the Taylor & Challen's estate of buildings centered around Constitutional Hill, Henrietta Street and Mary Ann Street on the edge of the Jewellery Quarter.  Originally the advertisement was painted across the top of the parapet on both sides of the building and read PRESSES TAYLOR & CHALLEN DIES ET.